About us

We are a family business group dedicated to offering health services. Since our foundation in 1972, we have been committed to creating the right conditions to ensure that the relationship between patient and health professional is an encounter of trust and understanding.

Our name is synonymous with professionalism, quality and comprehensive care of your health

We are very familiar with the healthcare environment, and we are equipped with both our experience and the most innovative, effective and safe technical capabilities that currently exist in the dental sector in the most advanced countries. This means we can provide comprehensive services tailored to the real needs of each patient.

In our clinics, we offer the possibility of accessing our services quickly and easily, in order to receive a real and rapid diagnosis and be treated effectively by a large multidisciplinary team of professionals, specialised in all areas of dentistry, and with proven experience and training.

In order to offer these services with the highest technical standards and real humanity, we have a professional team who are sensitive to the needs and expectations of those who choose us; who understand that for their professional development they must constantly strive to remain scientifically up to date in their field; and who show an ethical commitment to the patient during all stages of the care and treatment process. This human team has access to the most innovative, effective and safe diagnostic techniques that currently exist in the dental sector.



" The best healthcare is heartfelt "


Subsidised treatments for children

Subsidised treatments for children

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Specialists in all areas of dentistry

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